Upper Mustang

North of kagbeni lies the land of Lo, the Lo Tsho Dyun, an area closed to forefingers until 1992. It is better known as “Mustang”. Between 1400 and 1600 AD, Lo dominated the salt route trade between India and Tibet. The present residents of Lo share much in common with their neighbours in Tibet, including language and Buddhism.

Lo Tsho Dyun includes a number of villages; Ghiling, Ghemi, Dhakmar, Marang, Tsarang, Dhee, Surkhang, Yara, Ghara, Tangya, Dhey, Lo Manthang, Nhenyol, Chhoser, Nyamdo, Kimling, Thinkar, Phuwa and Namgyal. The fortified city of Lo Manthang, the capital of the region and present home of the MustangiRaja, dates back to the 14th century, when the founder of the dynasty, Ame Pal, established his rule in the vicinity of Manthang. The region’s architecture and artistry mostly date from he rule of Ame Pal and his successors.


The village is about three hours three hours walk from Samar.There is a highly sacred monastery.


The village is about one half hours walk from Ghiling.

Special Features:

  • Ruins fort of the Mustangi Rajas
  • Ancient monastery
  • Long Mane wall
  • Stunning cliffs of different colors


The village is about one hour walk from Ghemi.

Special Features:

  • Caves and monastery
  • Stunning cliffs of different colors


The village is about two hours walk from Dhakmar.Ghar Gompa is one of the oldest Gompa of the region.


The village is about one hour walk from Marang.

Special Features:

  • Spectacular palace of the Mustangi Raja
  • Monastery in astounding location
  • Occasional sighting of blue-sheep

Lo Manthang

The village is about three hours walk from Tsarang.

Special Features:

  • Fortified capital city of Lo Tsho Dyun
  • Historic palace of Mustangi Raja
  • Jampa Lhakhang, a multi-storey Shakya Pa sect monastery with numerous delicate frescos
  • Thubchen Gompa, a spectacular Shakya Pa sect monastery with Lamasery fro the young monks
  • Ruins of forts around the city
  • Hot spring


The village is about fifteen minutes walk from Lo manthang.

Special Features:

  • Beautifully located monastery
  • Bird’s eye view of Lo Manthang and villages of chhonhup


The village is about one hours walk from Lo Manthang .There is a Summer palace of the Mustangi Rajas.


The village is about one and half hours walk from Lo Manthang.

Special Features:

  • Spectacular multi- story cave building
  • Cave monastery
  • Cave village
  • Stunning landscape


The village is about three hours walk from Tsarang via Dhee.

Special Features:

  • Beautiful landscape with numerous caves
  • Spectacular canyons
  • Occasional sighting of blue-sheep


The village is about One hour walk from Yara.

Special Features:

  • Luri Gompa, a Nyigma Pa monastery situatedinside the cave and with numerous delicate frescoes
  • Dramatic landscape


The village is about five hours walk from Yara.

Special Features:

  • Dramatic landscape
  • Several wonderful chhorten

Damodar Kunda

Two days walk towards east to Ghara and six days walk from Jomsom.

Special Features:

  • One of the pilgrimage site for Hindu devotees
  • Biodiversity hot spots
  • Believed to be the origin of kali Gandaki River and “Shaligrams”(Ammonite fossils).
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