Things to do around Kagbeni

Cooking with locals

Traveling through the nature is not the end. It's the beginning when you get a opportunity to interact with locals, understand their culture, tradition, how it has survived for so long? How are things changing and so on. The best way to find out is gossip while making a momo. The process of making dumpling and preparation gives enough time to know little bit about the place and people. Lunch with the host

Total time 2 hours
Minimum 2 person

Monastery tours and Yoga

Kag chode thupten samphel Ling translate as a monastery of the place to stop and develop concentration on teaching of lord Buddha. The renowned Shakya scholar Tenpai Gyaltsen of the Tibet founded the monastery in 1429. The head lama of the monastery will guide us throughout the trip and lecture on the benefit of the yoga and meditation.

Total time 2 hours
Minimum 3 person

Tibetan medicine and Massages

The Tibetan medical system is an intergal parts of its culture itself. It is as old as the civilization yet it has been known for its miraculous results on the patients. In this medical practice the doctor is know as Amchi. The Amchi reads the pulse of the patients to understand the present medical condition. The Amchi read 12 pulses which according to Tibetan medical theory acts as a messenger between the Amchi and the patients. The pulse are observed not only to follow hearts beats but the rate and tempo provides necessary information about the disease. Amchi Nawang will guide us through the Tibetan medical center and provide us the following services

1 traditional Therapeutic Ku Nye massage 60 min
Back/neck and shoulder Ku Nye massage 30 min

Total time 5 to 6 hours
Minimum person 2

Local history & Tours

The local history of Kagbeni starts from phudzeling. This is a site of a very interesting Archeological excavation where some of the most important finding for mustang Archelogy have been made. The ruined settlement and caves stand as the evidence to ancient civilizations of the muktinath valley.

Total time 4 hours
Minimum 3 person
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